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  • Polyurethane Scraper for Cleaner
  • Polyurethane Scraper for Cleaner
  • Polyurethane Scraper for Cleaner

Product Name: Polyurethane Scraper for Cleaner

Item : OEM Products


Polyurethane scraper, it can be called Polyurethane sweeper, Cleaner accessories, conveyor belt PU cleaning and cast urethane scraper.
PU scrapers are mainly used on first cleaners to clean larger particles medium and material. PU physical property has been decided to be widely used for cleaner cutter head. PU scrapers are made by polyurethane polymer, it is with advantages of low friction coefficient, high abrasion proof, high strength, corrosion protection, preventing rupture and would not harm belt, with the stable scrape effect. It has been widely used for the industry of Electric power , metallurgy , mine,all kinds of industry with conveyor belt system,etc.
Main Types of PU scraper:
Type H scraper : it is installed around first(main) wheel, with 15 angles with center horizontal line of first wheel, used for cleaning adhesive material upward side of first wheel. Type H hard alloy scraper is the cleaner of head for first wheel, used for cleaning material around wheel transport authority. PU scraper can be divided into two-way and one-way tip, It can automatically adjust the contact pressure between cleaner scraper and conveyor belt, ensure that the blade and the force in the tape running in a certain appropriate range, make clear material both clean, without damaging the tape.
Type P scraper: Cleaner mounted on steady working surface near the head of wheel. For clearing the adhesion materials. near the bottom of the first round.
Type H and P scraper are collectively referred to as a first and second road sweeper, usually used effect is remarkable with a pair.
Type N scraper: It is installed on steady working surface of the reversible belt conveyor, to clean any part of the conveyor belt.
Type O scraper: O (empty part) installed on non working surface of the head and tail, remove adherent material on non-working surface.
PU blade/scraper/sweeper features:
1. Polyurethane blade/scraper/sweeper is made of imported polyurethane material having resilience, abrasion resistance and other outstanding features, it can be used outdoor for long-term;
2. Polyurethane blade/scraper/sweeper is designed and manufactured according to outline of rollers, so it can be fit well with roller, and with better clean effect;
3. Polyurethane blade/scraper/sweeper is with smooth surface, no bubbles inside, no fracture, export quality;
4. Our polyurethane blade/scraper/sweeper has been all through the wear test, make sure the tip with high abrasion resistance;
5. The embedded design of Segmented polyurethane blade is good for combination installation without screws, easy installation and maintenance, good blade surface flatness;
6. Polyurethane blade/scraper/sweeper fitted underneath the roller axis, which is easily , Reliable spring buffer compensation mechanism, with automatic compensation and suspension features, timely and effective to compensate for blade wear, to make sure contact pressure and excellent cleaning results;
7. Unique structure, simple, easy on-site installation and adjustment, easy maintenance, small maintenance workload.
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