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Product Name: Polyurethane Sieve Plate

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Polyurethane sieve plate belongs to mining equipment for mining and quarries, combined with vibrating screen and other mining equipment to use together.
There are Polyurethane sieve plate for dehydration and Polyurethane crack sieve plate; it also can be divided into four types according to the structure as below:
1) inlay type
2) bolt-on connection
3) layering connection
4) screen hook connection
It can be widely used in many industries for the screening, filtration, dehydration, mud and other operations. Apply on vibrating screen of metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction and many other sectors, as bulk material in fine sieve fraction and dry sieve,etc. It also can be used for some corrosive material grading. 
Advantages of polyurethane sieve plate:
1. Long service life and efficient bearing capacity. Due to the usage of wire rope as skeleton material in polyurethane sieve plate, plus polyurethane itself own very high elastic modulus, absorbing shocks of high strength, high wear resistance, and therefore with a high tensile strength, its carrying capacity is 2.5 times more than rubber sieve plate. Its lifetime compared with ordinary metal sieve increase 8-10 times, that of stainless steel screen surface 3 times, 3.9 times that of natural rubber, is the world's best wear resistance of the screen surface material. Polyurethane sieve plate is manufactured by macro-molecule organic polymer elastomer, which owns excellent abrasion resistance, flexing resistance, large carrying capacity. The raw material of polyurethane sieve plate is through the special processing, to ensure that it will never be taken off a layer under long-term cyclic loading.
2. High screening efficiency. PU sieve plate is with Self-cleaning performance, no clogging, high screening efficiency. Due to strong water permeability of polyurethane, large mesh cone angle(140o), so it can effectively prevent the wet fine grained material adhesion, therefore suitable for wet screening of fine material classification. Our polyurethane sieve plate is made by imported raw materials, the elastomer and its good performance of flip-flow, effectively avoid blocking phenomenon in a dynamic situation.
3. Widely application and strong professional suitability. Applicable to any type of vibrating screen machine and can be customized accordingly. Polyurethane sieve plate professionally applied in hydro power station, building materials and other metal selected mining. From 0.1mm to 170mm screening all kinds of materials, no matter dry sieve or wet sieve, it wouldn’t influence its screening efficiency. For 0.5m to 3mm dehydration and medium sieve, it is fully showing the advantages on the surface of polyurethane sieve. It’s with water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, easy maintenance and replacement. Polyurethane density is small(1.32kg/m3), light weight than metal screen surface, can reduce the production consumption, therefore it can adapt to the requirements of the development of large-scale screening machine.
4. High Precision of screening. Polyurethane sieve plate production process using dia-casting technology, accurate aperture , high quality screening, the under-size material granularity can well meet the requirements of the users.  Easy installation, convenient replacement of maintenance, it is suitable for any kinds of screening machine, light weight, it greatly reduce the workload of installation or replacement on field.
5. Low operation noise, in line with national standards of environmental noise standards. According to the actual measurement, the same sieve machine it can reduce noise 5-20 decibels by using polyurethane sieve plate than metal sieve plate, and greatly reduce the float dust in the sky, so that there can be a quiet and clean working environment.
6. Significant economic benefits. Although the price of polyurethane rubber sieve surface is higher than metal sieve plate, but if considering the screening efficiency, maintenance cost, service lifetime and other factors, you will find that the polyurethane sieve surface overall efficiency is greatly superior to ordinary metal screen surface. According to the survey, with each one ton of polyurethane rubber sieve can save 45 tons of steel. Saving maintenance costs USD70,00. Therefore polyurethane screen surface to replace steel screen surface will be the inevitable choice of the vast majority of enterprises in the future. 

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